James Cook Universities Marine Data Technology Hub (M-DataTech) is a facility for integrated research and consultancy, providing technological solutions for capturing and processing a wide variety of data streams relevant to all aspects of marine management and conservation.

A JCU initiative in 2018, M-DataTech provides cutting-edge data processing, analysis, and integration services facilitated by Artificial Intelligence (AI), to transform big data into actionable knowledge.



Through machine learning our AI technology has been trained to recognise fish species, life stage, and abundance, removing human error from the tedious process of analysing large datasets.

An advantage of using machine learning and automated processing in big data analysis is that our AI technology can be trained on an individual basis, outside the context of fish, depending on individual project  requirements. 



We aim to provide technological solutions capable of delivering accurate, detailed knowledge to support the informed management of marine and coastal systems, along with the critical ecosystem services they provide.


We focus on: 

  • A.I. solutions to streamline data analysis

  • Remote vehicle ecosystem assessment 

  • The functional relationships and values of coastal ecosystems 

  • Fisheries forecasting 

  • Global satellite-based ecosystem mapping

  • Acoustic telemetry

  • Ecosystem restoration 

  • Natural resource management 



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Townsvile, QLD 4811

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