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The inherent problems that come with analysing vast datasets from large amounts of video footage can be overcome using hi-tech approaches such as Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and deep learning for big data analysis. 


M-DataTech utilises hi-tech A.I. protocols to remove these barriers, reducing storage needs and processing time while eliminating human error.

This is especially important when assessing fisheries stocks. Information on the number of juveniles entering fish stocks is vital information for the early detection of population declines, and it often lacks. Through underwater cameras, remote operated vehicles, and A.I. technology, we are working to fill this knowledge gap.


Read more about our research in our new paper here


We use A.I. for most of our underwater ecological research, as well as projects for external partners: 

  • MAKO Turbines 
    Mako Turbines has recently developed a small-scale, easily deployable turbine (MAKO.7) suitable for remote and isolated grids. A prototype has been placed at Gladstone Port in central Queensland where we are working with Mako to assess the interaction of local fauna with the turbine using continuous video monitoring and AI technology. 

  • WWF Coral Trout Fisheries 
    M-DataTech is currently partnering with WWF to monitor the catch, by-catch, and sustainability of coral trout fisheries with video footage captured from anglers and A.I. technology.

  • Fisheries recruitment surveys 

  • Species constraint mapping

  • Habitat utilisation

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